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Customer Reviews:

Name: Greg K.
Appliance: GE Monogram Refrigerator Repair
Location: Coto De Caza , CA
Customer Rating: five stars customer review of appliance repair
Comments: I had Alex come out and take a look at my GE side by side fridge. We had an appointment scheduled between 8-11am. He was at the door right at 8. Took him about 15-20 min to test parts in the fridge and determine the problem. He replaced a control board, had it in his truck. Estimate was reasonable, Way cheaper than to buy a new one. He cleaned up before leaving and made sure everything was in order. Great service, I will call them if I need any other repairs.

Name: Kathy L.
Appliance: Maytag Gas Dryer Repair
Location: Laguna Beach , CA
Customer Rating: five stars customer review of appliance repair
Comments: A few days ago, I discovered that my dryer wasnít drying as good as it used to. It used to take 30 min to dry a load, now it would take 2-3 cycles do get the same amount of clothe dried. I was recommended American Appliance Repair by a neighbor. Theyíve used them a few times for the oven and fridge. I was told that they come out the same day and usually have the parts on them to do the repair. So, I called them on Friday morning to see if they could be here today. They had a tech available in the afternoon. The customer service rep. was very nice and answered all the questions that I asked. So, I went ahead and scheduled them to come. A nice young man by the name of Mike came over. He was very professional and knew what the problem was right the way. He replaced some coil and the dryer was back up and running. He used a thermometer to measure the temperature and make sure the problem was gone. Everything was done within an hour. Very timely! I thought it would take all day waiting and then a few hours on the repairs. Very good experience, I wasnít disappointed! A+

Name: Kenny F. (landlord)
Appliance: GE Dishwasher and GE Dryer Repair
Location: Yorba Linda , CA
Customer Rating: five stars customer review of appliance repair
Comments: I manage a few properties in Orange County . I had a unit with a broken Dryer in Yorba Linda and also dishwasher in Anaheim . Called AAR and had them dispatch a tech. They gave me 2 windows for the repairs. I said that I couldnít sit around and wait. So, they said they would call 30 min before they arrive this way I could go about my daily business. The tech called shortly and said that he would meet me in YL in 30 minutes. He showed up and took care of the dryer in less than 40 minutes! The guy was very experienced! Had the parts and knew his stuff. After the dryer was done, he followed me to the Anaheim location and had the dishwasher running in an hour!!!!! I mean this doesnít get any better! I called few other places before AAR and everyone was giving me 2 windows and 2 different dates for the repairs since it was different cities. They really went the extra mile to give me a great experience! They are my new appliance repair company from now on. Thanks guys!

Name: Yee K.
Appliance: Frigidaire Range and Garbage Disposal Repair
Location: Irvine , CA
Customer Rating: four stars customer review of appliance repair
Comments: Mike came over and did repairs on my Range and garbage disposal thatís under the sink. He came with the parts and on time. I was impressed how quickly he knew what the problems were. He replaced spark igniter on the range. The garbage disposal couldnít be repaired due to motor burning out. He repaired the range right the way. He came back the next day to put in a new garbage disposal. After he installed it, he cleaned the work area. The service was satisfactory. Thanks, Yee.

Name: Timothy R.
Appliance: Viking Oven Repair
Location: Newport Beach , CA
Customer Rating: five stars customer review of appliance repair
Comments: I have an oven that is about 5 years old. Itís a Viking appliance and has been working with no problems till now. The control panel went out on it. Zack came out and gave me an estimate on the repair. He said the part was on a backorder and would take a few days to get it. I gave the go ahead on the parts to be ordered. They didnít charge me until the parts were installed which is about 5 days later. Everything is working well now. Very happy with the service. Zack explained what he was doing and was very polite.

Name: Julie A
Appliance: Samsung Microwave Repair
Location: La Habra , CA
Customer Rating: three star customer review of appliance repair
Comments: Mike came to check out my microwave. There was a problem with the magnetron. This microwave is old and cheap. He gave me an estimate on the repair. It was reasonable but I didnít do the repair because the microwave is pretty old. I decided to add a few hundred dollars and get a new one. If it was $50 to fix it I would.

Name: Kim Y
Appliance: SubZero Side by Side Refrigerator Repair
Location: Corona Del Mar, CA
Customer Rating: five stars customer review of appliance repair
Comments: My SubZero fridge went out right on the 4th of July. I woke up around 7am to get a drink and when I opened the fridge it was hotter than hell in there! I had family from out of town over at my house for the holidays. It just couldnít be better timing for the fridge to break! Fortunately, I knew I had friends at AAR that I can relay on any time! Theyíve been repairing appliances for me and everyone at my work since 2002. I called AAR at 8am in the morning hoping they could dispatch someone to my house. Tim on the phone told me that he can have a specialist at my house within 2 hours. At 10am Alex showed up at my door. He cleaned the condenser, added Freon and replaced some kind of starter. The fridge was blowing cold air within minutes after the repair! I donít know who I would call if it wasnít for them! This company is a rare find, they will do anything to satisfy a customer! They saved the Independence Day!

Name: Ron B
Appliance: Maytag Washer Repair
Location: Cypress, CA
Customer Rating: five stars customer review of appliance repair
Comments: My Maytag top loader started leaking today. I looked around and called around. American Appliance Repair sounded legit. I checked their license with B.E.A.R and everything checked out fine. They send out Mike to look at the problem. He is a younger guy but seemed to have a lot of experience! He took machine apart quickly and determined the pump was bad. He showed me the leaking spot on the pump. I told him to go ahead get this thing working again. He started walking towards the door so I thought he is leaving and will be back some other day to finish this thing up. I said bye as he was walking away. He turned around and said that he was only going back to his truck to get the part and will be back in 30 seconds to finish it up! I was impressed. Before I knew about American Appliance Repair I had some shmocks come out and do a repair on my dryer. They took over a week to get it running. Next time I need a repair the phone number that Iím dialing is 714-482-5581. Great Job!

Name: Katie E.
Appliance: GE Monogram Fridge Repair
Location: Fullerton , CA
Customer Rating: five stars customer review of appliance repair
Comments: This was my 2nd time calling American Appliance Repair. They did a repair on my Range a few years back. They did a good job so I saved the number. This time I called them out to check out my GE Fridge. It was cooling but not very cold though. I was afraid that it would cost a lot to fix it because itís a very expensive built-in fridge. They sent out their senior tech Alex. He came over and determined that there was not a ďrealĒ problem. He said all it needed is condenser maintenance and some Freon. He did the repair and said it should be cooling well in about 6 hours. When we woke up the next morning, the fridge was running very cold! I know I can trust these guys with repairs. They didnít try to tell me that it was something else and try to charge me more money. They are honest and that is why I called them back even after several years. Thank you very much!

Name: Leon S.
Appliance: Kenmore Refrigerator Repair
Location: Lake Forest , CA
Customer Rating: five stars customer review of appliance repair
Comments: My fridge is about 2 years old. Yesterday, it decided that weíve had enough ice and quit making it! I called American Appliance Repair to see whatís going on. They send out Zack to do the job. He is a nice guy. Showed up on time and was polite. I thought that the icemaker needed to be replaced. But Zack determined that there was no water coming to the unit, icemaker itself was fine. He replaced a water valve and now I have ice once again. Very good! Nice and Fast!

Name: Juan R.
Appliance: Whirlpool Washer Repair
Location: Santa Ana, CA
Customer Rating: four stars customer review of appliance repair
Comments: Alex came to my house and repaired a washer. He was fast and efficient! I took the machine apart myself trying to figure out the problem but couldnít. Alex new what the problem was within 5 minutes. He showed me what the was replacing. It was speed control on the motor (I would have never diagnosed it). He ordered the part and was back in 3 days to complete the repair. Now its running like it used to. Thanks.

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